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Safe, Simple Online Accounting software for small businesses in Ireland. No previous accounting knowledge required and 24/7 Support.

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Create great looking, personalised invoices

Create great looking, personalised invoices

Easy to track money going in and out of your business

Easy to track money going in and out of your business

No limits on how many transactions you can process each month.

No limits on how many transactions you can process each month.

Produce customer and supplier statements

Produce customer and supplier statements

Quickly produce the reports that you need

Create a VAT 3 Return in minutes

Integrates seamlessly with Sage One Payroll, Sage Pay and many other services

Integrates seamlessly with Sage One Payroll, Sage Pay and many other services

Naoise McNally
One Fab day entrepreneur discusses how simple, affordable and user friendly our online accounting solution, Sage One Accounts, can be for Startup companies.

Online Accounting Software you can trust
Never worry about losing your accounts data

Your data is always secure, backed up and always available to you.

Free 24/7 telephone support
All the help you need, whenever you need it

Everything you need to manage your business accounts

Everything you need to manage your business accounts
Sage One Accounts features

If you’re looking for more detailed information on what Sage One Accounts can do, check out our feature list.

Say goodbye to late nights in the office
Online accounting software gives you the freedom to work when and where you want.

Get paid faster with Sage Pay
Import your online transactions, take payment over the phone and directly from your invoices

If you are setting up a webshop or already trading online, using Sage Pay reduces manual transactional entry saving you time as well as giving you an accurate view of your accounts at any given time.

No software to install – ever
Get started easily – no need to ever download updates

Get more out of your accountant
Invite your accountant to work with you

With Sage One Accounts, you can invite your accountant to work securely on your business finances. Less time spent in meetings means more time that your accountant can spend helping you keep your business on the right track.

Streamline your business
Integrate your accounts and payroll

Sage One Accounts integrates with Sage One Payroll, which means less manual updates for you if you’re processing pay.

Sage One Payroll

Affordable monthly subscription
Spread the cost of your accounting software.

Paying a small amount each month means you can spread the cost of your accounting software.

Use Sage One Accounts as much as you like
No transactions or invoice limits

Sage One Accounts has no limits on how many transactions you can process each month.

Will it work on my computer?
Access Sage One Accounts from anywhere at any time

You can access Sage One Accounts from anywhere at any time,  using an internet connection. Sage One Accounts is an online accounting service; it’s web browser-based so you don’t need to download or install any software. Just go online and head to this website. We simply recommend that you use the latest browser to access Sage One Accounts.

Sage One Accounts works on Windows PCs, tablets, smartphones and all Apple devices – Macs, iPads and iPhones; in fact, anything with an internet browser.

Need more from your Accounts package?
Try Sage One Accounts Extra

Manage multiple currencies, users and businesses with Sage One Accounts Extra

Sage One Accounts

See at a glance how your business is performingWe asked business owners “what do you want to see when you first sign in to an accounting service?” The answer: “a snap-shot of our business’s performance”.In the Summary screen, quickly view your sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date. It’ll also tell you how many days are left before your VAT period ends, what’s in your bank, and your top 5 outstanding sales invoices.
Keep track of money going in and out of your businessSage One is written in plain English, but one accounting term we’ve kept in is ‘bank reconciliation’. Those words might send shivers down your spine, but let’s face it; if you get it right your accounts aren’t likely to be wrong.We’ve made this step-by-step process as simple as possible; simply enter the date and balance of your bank statement into Sage One and then match the figures that appear on your bank statement with what you’ve entered into Sage One. Once you reach a difference of zero, sit back and relax!
Create a VAT 3 Return for RevenueSage One supports all major VAT schemes including the cash received basis allowable in Ireland where sales VAT is on a cash received basis but purchases VAT is on an invoice received basis.Simply select the date range you want to run the report for and Sage One will generate the VAT return based on the information you’ve entered. You can check the figures in a detailed report and make any adjustments required before completing the return.
Create and email great looking, personalised invoicesSage One makes it easy for you to create, personalise, preview and send great looking invoices. And, once Sage One has sent the invoice by email to you and your customer, it’ll help you record the payment, keep track of what’s outstanding and when you payment’s due, so you get paid more quickly. Stuff like sending credit notes is easy too and you can pay off multiple invoices from the same customer or supplier in one go.
Keep on top of your customers with recurring statementsYou can produce a statement of activity against your customers and suppliers showing any payments that are outstanding; you can email them direct to your contact and if it’s someone you do regular business with, Sage One can send them automatically.
Produce reports that are right for youThe Balance Sheet report will tell you about your business assets, liabilities and equity, giving you a snapshot of the value of your business.The Profit and Loss report measures the performance of your business over a specified period of time.The Trial Balance is a report accountants find useful. If you’re working with an Accountant who isn’t using Sage One (we can’t think why they wouldn’t) you can get all of this information exported into Microsoft Excel ®.You can also keep an eye on who owes you money and who you owe money to by using the Outstanding Sales and Outstanding Purchase invoice reports.