Simplifying Payroll Year End

No backups or installations required

The Sage One system is automatically updated to handle 2013 PYE reports and 2014 pay calculations. Don’t get too stressed; Reports can be completed anytime before 15th Feb

Because of this, there is no need to finish 2013 reporting before commencing processing 2014 pay

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No Forms, No Stationery

Sage One prints P60s to plain paper in approved Revenue format

Steps to completing your PYE return

Sage One will help you submit your PYE reports and keep in line with Revenue

• Ensure that all employee details are up to date prior to commencing PYE reporting (i.e. PPS Numbers, EE Names, Dates of Birth, Address, etc.)

• Ensure that all employee pay values are complete and correct, the Review Employee Pay option on the Year End Reports tab can assist with this task (Pay values can be corrected prior to completing PYE reports by selecting the “Edit Pay Run” button on a Completed Pay Run screen)

• Complete any outstanding P30 returns once employee pay values have been finalised

• ROS send confirmation emails to an employer’s ROS inbox to state whether or not a submission has been successful.

• Data issues with the submission are identified during the ROS upload process. Once the issue has been corrected on Sage One, you can regenerate the P35 file and upload it to ROS.

• Once a P35 has been successfully updated then P60s can be distributed to employees

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