Bank feeds in Sage One. Fast. Effortless. Simple.

Automatic bank feeds are available in all Sage One accounting software.

Bank feeds allow you to link your online bank account directly to Sage One so your banking transactions are automatically imported into your accounts.

  • Free for all Sage One users
  • Reduces manual data entry by up to 80%
  • Streamlines your bank reconciliation
  • Allows you to view and compare your bank information in real-time
  • Increases the accuracy of your accounts

What are bank feeds?

Use Sage One bank feeds to import transactions direct from your bank into your accounts to reduce manual entry and speed up your bank rec.

Bank feeds are a quick and easy way to record your transactions and reconcile your bank all in one go. After you link your bank to Sage One, your banking transactions will automatically be imported into your accounts. You will only have to assign your customer/supplier accounts, nominal codes and VAT codes and you’re good to go.

The more transactions you import, the easier it becomes to use. The software will begin to recognise similar transactions and will pre-empt and prepopulate those details, so bookkeeping will become a validation rather than a data entry process.

Benefits of bank feeds

It's Free

It’s free

The great news is that bank feeds will be free for Sage One Cashbook and Sage One Accounting subscribers. It is a great low-cost alternative to paying somebody to enter the data or to doing it yourself.

Eliminate manual entry

Eliminate manual entry

As bank feeds can import and intuitively classify your transactions, you can reduce the time you spend manually entering data by up to 80%. This can leave you and your employees free to concentrate on running your business.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy

You can easily improve the accuracy of your accounts with bank feeds. As much of the details of your transactions will automatically be imported from your bank, there is less opportunity for mistakes. This will dramatically reduce human error.

Real-time bank information

Bank feeds gives you a live update of your bank balance so it’s easy to compare it to your balance in Sage for quicker bank reconciliation.

Bank feeds will give you a real-time snapshot of the cash position in the bank and the balances in Sage One, allowing you to see the difference immediately.

This means that you will have the most up-to-date information to help you make important business decisions.

Streamline your bank reconciliation

Streamline your bank reconciliation using bank feeds. This image shows how easy it is to match, create or transfer an imported transaction.

Bank feeds revolutionise the reconciliation process. As the feeds will update daily, you are effectively reconciling your bank accounts every single day, while reducing your data entry in one hit. This gives much more confidence that your accounts are in order at month end.

Learn more about the bank reconciliation feature and the other tools available in Sage One to speed up the process of reconciling your banking data.

Let your Accountant manage your books

Image showing Sage One Accounting on a laptop. Sage One would enable your accountant to import your transactions using bank feeds on your behalf.

If you want your accountant to manage your books for you, they would also be able to import transactions through bank feeds on your behalf. This means your accountant will spend less time manually entering data and reconciling accounts, saving them time and you money.

If you don’t think bank feeds are for you, there are other ways you can reconcile your accounts with your banking information. Visit our bank reconciliation page to see our other options for speeding up your bank reconciliation process.