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Product Queries:

What are the benefits of using cloud software?

The primary benefit of using your accounts and payroll as a cloud solution is mobility. You can access your data wherever you are, on any device, so long as you have an internet connection. This means you can now generate invoices on the go or process payments immediately, saving you time and effort.

Your data is always safely secured and backed up online, meaning you never need to worry about your computer crashing and losing your data at a vital time of the year.

Can I use payroll and accounts with one email and login?

Yes you can. Once you have signed up for one of the products, simply navigate your way to the settings tab at the top right of the page, select product settings, and add the product of your choice.

I’d prefer to use a desktop product or disk, what are my options?

Unfortunately Sage One is not available as a desktop product, however Sage Ireland has a number of desktop based products on offer for you.

Instant Accounts
Instant Accounts – With Sage Instant Accounts you can manage your finances, customers, suppliers and VAT, and you’ll save time compared to manual bookkeeping. (If you require Stock control, take a look at Instant Accounts plus)

MicropayMicroPay Sage Micropay supports payroll processing beyond beyond basic requirements , while keeping complexities to a minimum to ensure efficient execution of your payroll needs.

I’m on a trial and want to sign up to the service – how do I do this?

If you have been using your 30 Day trial and have decided that Sage One is for you, then you simply need to input your direct debit details into the app once you log in. We will not bill you until your 30 day trial has expired, so you need not wait until your trial is up to enter your details. For more detail you can view the tutorial here.

Billing Queries:

Do I have to pay by direct debit?

We also provide you with the option to pay up front for a 1 year subscription. To do this, simply phone our business advice team on 1890 88 20 40 to activate your subscription. For payroll products you can visit our webstore to pay by credit card here.

Why did I get charged more than €6/€12/€18 euro on my first month?

If you are paying us by direct debit we will invoice you on the 1st day of each month in advance for the month ahead. This invoice will appear in your Sage One. If your original trial expiry date was mid-month you will be invoiced for the first time on the 1st day of the following month for the month ahead in advance and for the amount of the previous month that you use in arrears.* Going forwards you will then be invoiced on the 1st day of each month for the month ahead.

*For example if your trial expires on the 10th of May we will invoice you on the 1st June for the month of June in advance and a pro rata amount for the 11th – 31st may in arrears.

Billing Breakdown

Account Queries:

I have forgotten my password – How can i retrieve this?

When you arrive on the ‘Sign In’ page, you simply need to select the ‘Forgot your password’ link at the bottom left. From here you can reset your password and then proceed to Log In.

Forgotten Password

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