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Online Invoice Software

Sage One Accounting offers quick, easy and secure online invoicing for small and medium sized businesses. As Sage One Accounting software is completely online, it is compatible with Mac, PC and even your tablet. The Sage One mobile app allows you to edit contacts, create and send invoices swiftly on the move.

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Online Invoicing Features in Sage One Software


Create and email invoices and credit notes online

As Sage One is cloud based, you can create and email invoices and credit notes from any PC, tablet or device with an internet connection. To save time you can produce credit notes directly from invoices to instantly email to your customers.


Produce HMRC compliant VAT invoices for sales

By default, all invoices generated in Sage One Accounting meet HMRC requirements for VAT and as the invoicing software is online, you can be assured that it is always up to date with the latest regulations. As you create an invoice select the required tax rate, this will show the VAT breakdown on the invoice and it will then be included in the appropriate VAT return to HMRC. Sage One software makes accounting for VAT easy, saving you time and ensuring you remain compliant.


Automatically back-up invoices in Google Drive

You can link Sage One online invoice software to Google Drive to automatically backup invoices. Once you have integrated your Sage One Accounting with Google Drive, all sales invoices and credit notes are automatically synced with Google Drive. This gives you extra peace of mind and added flexibility to work on any device and to easily share files with colleagues.

Customise your invoices for a professional look

Sage One online customisable invoice templates are simple, practical and professional. Edit with your company logo, association images or terms and conditions.
Here is an example of an invoice made using Sage One Accounting:

Sage One Accounting online invoice software produces personalised, professional and functional invoices to send directly to your customers. With built-in invoice templates that can be easily customised with your company’s branding; you can personalise your invoices by choosing from several templates, adding your logo and your business terms and conditions for invoice payment. You will then be ready to email your invoices to your customers or export to PDF for printing.

Predefined product and service lists makes invoicing efficient and consistent

Set up a list of your products or services for easy selection when creating invoices. Save time by selecting a product from the drop-down menu in the invoice screen.

Easily create product or service invoices. Set up lists of your products or services for quick invoicing. Add new products from the invoicing screen or write custom invoice descriptions as you go.

Manage overdue invoices to ensure payment

Use the sales dashboard in Sage One to quickly view how many invoices are outstanding and have exceeded their credit terms. Shown in an easy to read graph.

Record payments against invoices and manage overdue invoices using the sales dashboard. Set credit terms as you create invoices and analyse overdue items as they occur. Sage One also provides full reporting on all your paid/ unpaid invoices that allows you to become your own credit control.

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Integrate directly with Sage Pay to ensure prompt payment by adding a ‘Pay Now’ button to your invoices

Integrate your Sage One Accounting directly with Sage Pay by adding a Pay Now button to your invoice. Customers can click the button to pay you as soon as they receive the invoice.

As you’re invoicing your customers online, why not give them the opportunity to pay their invoice online as well? Get paid faster by integrating your online invoice software with Sage Pay. You can take payment directly from your invoices by adding a ‘Pay Now’ button onto the invoices before emailing them to your customers. This will encourage your customers to pay you promptly and you won’t have to chase payment at the end of every month. Sage One accounting software helps you keep on top of your invoicing and this means you can get paid faster.

Create sales quotes for prospective customers and then convert into invoices

Sage One online invoice software makes it easy to quickly convert sales quotes into invoices if won or mark as declined from the invoice itself.

Produce sales quotes and quickly convert into invoices once the job is won, or flag as declined if the job does not turn into an order. You can also use the same custom template that you use for your invoices. The Sage One reporting feature allows you to track quotes won or lost.

Invoice your customers in their own currency with multi-currency invoicing

Enable foreign currency in Sage One Accounting to create invoices in any currency. With live exchange rates, we’ll even update the exchange rate so you don’t have to.

Sage One Accounting allows you to post transactions in any currency. Expand your market by enabling foreign currencies and invoice customers in US Dollar, Euro or any currency required. Enter an exchange rate on the invoice and on payment and Sage One will account for the gain or loss on exchange. Sage One is an online invoice software package that makes it as quick and easy to account for international sales as it is for sales to your local customers.

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