Security – Trust Sage One to keep your data safe online

We want to give you the confidence that your business information is secure. Sage One has a series of policies and practices in place so that we make sure your data is safe.

How we protect you

The first thing we do to protect your data is ensure all transmission of data between you and Sage One is encrypted. We use high grade 128–bit encryption which is an industry standard also used in internet banking. This stops people from being able to view the information you’re sending over the internet.

If you’re using an up-to-date browser (highly advisable) then when you’re signed in to Sage One, you will notice the address bar will be green. This indicates that we’re using an Extended Validation Certificate which gives you 100% confidence that you’re definitely connected to servers owned by Sage.

We store all of your data in a highly secure environment managed by the experts at Rackspace. Each individual component that makes up the Sage One infrastructure has multiple levels of redundancy built in. This means that there are many instances of the application all running in parallel and should something break and cause one of these instances to stop working, it’s automatically taken care of and it won’t affect you. Every component is actively monitored 24/7 and we have a team dedicated to ensuring that Sage One is highly available.

We continuously back up all your data to a secondary data centre in an entirely separate physical location. This means that should the worst happen, we’re able to quickly switch over to the secondary site without any impact on your data. All of this happens behind a series of advanced firewalls to ensure that your data is fully protected.

Every aspect of the Sage One service has been validated by specialist independent security organisations to give you the peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

Our Customer Service team are an honest and trustworthy bunch and they cannot view your data without your express permission. We also record something called a “user audit trail” which allows us to keep track of exactly who has done what to your data and when.

But our security isn’t just about what’s written on this page, we don’t stop at the above, it’s just a start. In fact, if we were to write down everything we do, that in itself is a security risk. Rest assured that security is our number one concern and we treat it with the respect and attention it deserves.

Protect yourself

The only aspect of security we don’t have control over is you and your computer. So we do ask that you use the latest version of browsers, install any patches or updates and that you have any anti-virus software up to date and switched on.

We ask that you create a strong password, using a mixture of capitals and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. If you forget your password and enter it incorrectly three times we’ll temporarily lock your account. That’s one of our safety measures.

Sage One won’t remember your login either, as it’s too easy for you to do that on the wrong computer and leave yourself vulnerable. And we won’t ever send you an email asking for anything like your login or password details. If you receive an email from us that seems suspicious or is similar to a Phishing email then contact our customer service team