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Still struggling with spreadsheets? Don’t get trapped in cells when it comes to your accounting needs. Sage One is purpose-built for businesses like yours, giving you functions you just don’t get from spreadsheets. Like round-the-clock support, anywhere/anytime online working, and invoicing and VAT returns in just a few clicks.

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Why Sage One is better than spreadsheets

Sage One gives you the power and functionality you just won’t get from spreadsheets.

Sage One does it all when it comes to accounts. With Sage One you can send invoices from your tablet or smartphone or do your VAT return in a few clicks. Sage One is purpose built to help you run your business. You will spend hours customising spreadsheets but Sage One is set up and ready to go as soon as you login.

Sage One is purpose built for VAT returns

With Sage One you can calculate your VAT in four simple steps. With built-in VAT tools, Sage One helps you stay friends with the VAT man and gives you peace of mind. Can your spreadsheet say the same?

Sage One is purpose built for VAT returns

What our customers say about switching from spreadsheets to Sage One

Lorna Syson
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“I save so much time not filling in my Excel sheets and I don’t accidentally delete things if I’ve pressed the wrong button. I’m finding I need a lot less training to use Sage One than to use Excel.”
Lorna Syson

Maureen Parker
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“I started using Sage One Cashbook in April 2013. Before that I used Excel spread sheets but as the business grew it became a nightmare trying to keep track of everything. I was spending hours entering data and trying to get a simple Profit & Loss out of it all.”
Maureen Parker

Teanne Andrews
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“We’ve been using Sage One since the beginning of the new financial tax year. We were using spreadsheets before which was extremely complicated and difficult to do anything like generate invoices. As we are a growing business, it is essential that we had a system in place that reflected that.”
Teanne Andrews

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Discover for yourself why Sage One is better than spreadsheets for doing your accounts. Sign up for your free trial of Sage One Accounting today and free yourself from spreadsheets.

Free me from spreadsheets

Sage One comes with free telephone and email support

If you get stuck using your spreadsheets you’re on your own, but with Sage One you can avail of free 24/7 email and telephone support from a customer support team that understand Irish accounts and payroll legislation.

Sage One protects you from human error

It’s very easy to make a mistake when you use spreadsheets and that mistake could end up costing you and your business money. Sage One protects you from human error, with automatic calculations to help you avoid mistakes.

Sage One is so easy to use you won’t need training

Using spreadsheets to calculate accounts and payroll can get complex fast and before you know it you find yourself looking for training. Sage One does what you need from the minute you login. Complex formulas and functionality are already programmed in for you and a simple and easy to understand interface means that you won’t need training to do your accounts.

Sage One is online and works on tablets and mobile

With Sage One Accounting you can do your accounts anywhere, anytime. You to edit contacts, create and send invoices quickly on the move. With Sage One Accounting, you can invite your accountant to work securely, online, on your business finances.


Sage One Cashbook

Online accounts software to:
• Manage your cash flow better
• Record money going in & out
• Collaborate with your accountant
• Online Help Centre
• Free 24hr tel/email support

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Sage One Payroll

All features of Cashbook plus:
• Create & email invoices & quotes
• Submit VAT returns online
• Multi-currency
• Interactive cash flow reporting
• Free iPhone app

Free 30 Day Trial


Sage One Payroll

Easy, online payroll software for up to 15 employees. Complies with all the latest Revenue legislation.

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